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Jake Wells

Fine Jewellery
Hand-Crafted in Winchester


Bifurcation Collection 


Rachis Collection 


Hand-Crafted In Winchester

All the pieces you see in the Hand-Crafted Collection are made by Jake in his workshop in the heart of Winchester.

Each piece starts as a concept sculpted by hand into sterling silver. It is then moulded to be cast into any precious metal. Jake then assembles, details and embelishes each item - giving them their unique tactility.

Gemstones are carefully selected to bring out the best in each piece - always sourced from an ethichal and sustainable supply chain.

If you're in winchester, you can find Jake's designer pieces in James Jewellers on Parchment Street and Winchester Makers on Little Minster Street.


Bespoke Engagement and Wedding rings

Respecting the sentimal nature of wedding bands and engagement rings, Jake's approach is collaborative and open-minded. From design to delivery, every stage is carefully thought out and communicated.

See more of Jake's bespoke work for inspiration

For enquiries, email Jake.


Hand Engraving Service

Hand Engraving is a great way to customise jewellery - new or old. If you'd like to get something engraved, just get in touch.

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