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Inspired by you

Specialising in Bespoke Jewellery, Jake works closely with his clients to create engagement rings and wedding bands as well as repurposing sentimental heirloom jewellery into timeless pieces to be worn everyday.


Based in the heart of Winchester, Jake is a jeweller who provides highly personal jewellery. His bespoke service is rooted in his understanding of the craft and the sentiment of jewellery. Whether making engagement rings and wedding bands from scratch or repurposing long-loved family heirlooms, Jake makes the most of every piece of material to create something that can be cherished and worn every day.


The designs from Jake’s handcrafted collection are rooted in his love of the craft as he uses it to explore the different facets of his life and environment. Each piece starts as a concept sculpted by hand into sterling silver. It is then moulded to be cast into any precious metal. Jake then assembles, details and embellishes each item - giving them their unique tactility.


His Phasescape collection is a new exploration of how sound can be translated into jewellery.

“I love the idea that you could wear the voice of someone you love, and that the jewellery reflects the uniqueness and beauty of that voice.”

"An excellent service from start to finish. Jake designed a bespoke platinum ring based on an idea I had. It looks fantastic. Very intricate. Communication and friendliness top marks throughout. All questions answered. Top stuff. Thank you."
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