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A piece of jewellery can hold an important role in someone's life. My bespoke service brings you into the creative process so that your jewel is perfectly suited to you.

Made from scratch

Creating something unique and personal to you. This service allows you to tailor every aspect of your jewel. Being involved in everything from the design process to material selection and manufacture means you feel connected to your jewel from the very beginning.


18ct yellow gold Molten Wedding Ring

Granulated Eternity.jpg

18ct yellow gold  and platinum Granulated Eternity Ring


Sterling silver hand engraved scrollwork Wedding Ring


Melting down your existing materials to create a new design, giving new life to old jewellery. This process is a beautiful way of continuing the story of sentimental jewellery that may not be worn anymore.


From this...

During.jpg this...

after.jpg this

The process

Get in touch

Contact me at If you have some initial inspiration, that's great, otherwise I'll ask a few questions to get an idea of what you're looking for.

You can let me know if you have a deadline or a budget to work to and we'll get the process started.


I'll create some initial sketches which we can iterate through consultation, either online or in person.

During this process, we'll talk about which gemstones and metals you'd like. I'll give you some quotes and we'll hone in on the final design.

Due to the handcrafted nature of my process, I use drawings to communicate ideas, but they shouldn't be considered renders of the finished product.

Gemstone and material selection

When the design is well underway, I will source a small collection of gemstones for you to choose from. Confirming the gem in person means you can take part in this all-important moment within the process - and it's a great opportunity to get a ring size too.


All the gems and metals I source are from reputable suppliers who conform to local and global standards of trading ethics. The metal I use is 100% recycled and if you value an extra level of traceability or sustainability from your gemstone - I will be able to guide you through this.


There is no minimum budget that I work to but the following will give you an idea of prices:

Engagement rings: £3,000

Wedding rings: £800

Repurposing: £200


When creating a bespoke piece of jewellery longevity is a primary priority, but as with anything, these jewels require a certain level of care. Please read my care guide for further information.


Reusing Heirloom Gemstones:

Repurposing heirloom jewellry is not a risk-free endeavor. Dismantling something so well-loved can often reveal long-hidden damage. I always treat your relics with the utmost care and attention and fully respect the sentiment they hold. If I find any issues while working on your jewellery I will talk you through them and you can think about how you'd like to proceed.

Ring Size and Surprise?

Sadly there is no subtle way to get an accurate ring size. If you would like to keep your proposal a complete surprise there are creative ways to do this, such as proposing with a gemstone. To avoid extra costs and complications, it's recommended that you find out the ring size early in the process.

Bespoke Gallery

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