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The Shape of Sound


A product of modern technology and heritage mechanics

Tuning into an unseen space

Giving shape to sound

To see Your voice


Phasescape is a project by J. Wells Jewels. It aims to create highly personal jewellery and artwork from the sounds in people's lives.
Scientists and mathematicians have been researching the nature of sound for thousands of years. Using the principles set out by the likes of Pythagoras, Galileo, Joules Lissajous, and Hugh Blackburn, Jake creates striking images from the harmonies of everyday life. Elevated by the wonders of modern technology - these harmonic images can be translated into physical, and wearable works of art.
Though there are many interesting soundscapes to explore, the first collection is based on voices. A person’s voice is made from a unique and complex harmony. Like a fingerprint to a finger, this harmony is what makes a voice unique. It gives character to a person - it’s why you can pick a familiar voice out of a crowd of strangers.
"Phasescape is a project I am deeply passionate about. It explores a unique way of producing beautiful and individual pieces of jewellery and art."


Thank you for your interest

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