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In Need Of A Necklace Made Of Silver? We Have The Silver Necklace For You!

Why do we wear jewellery?

We know from history that ancient civilisations valued jewelry and that it was utilized to enhance the natural attractiveness of those who wore it. The Aztecs and Egyptians are famous for the gold rings and other items of gold jewellery they created and wore. Different ornaments were worn to represent various meanings, including security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity. Jewellery can serve to enhance one's appearance. It also represents money, power, and social standing. Jewellery is a kind of art for certain people who want to express themselves creatively. Then there are those that wear jewellery as a part of their culture and custom. Jewellery can also boost people's self and make them feel more attractive. Something to remember when wearing jewellery such as a wedding and engagement rings, the metals will need to be the same otherwise one metal will wear the other down. 


People sometimes wonder what their jewellery says about them. Some say enormous jewellery, such as large hoop earrings, thick dangling necklaces, or costly rings, indicates that the wearer is energetic, gregarious, and exuberant. These individuals are frequently the life of the party. They're likely to be upbeat, and many people enjoy them because they're so entertaining. Gold provides the wearer with a sense of general well-being as well as increased energy levels due to positive energy. Wearing 24-karat gold against one's skin can help to relieve arthritic symptoms and soothe sore areas. Watches are considered jewellery and now come adorned with diamonds and precious metals. Rings are being worn by both guys and gals and are a very popular item of jewellery to wear.

What is the best silver for jewellery?

Sterling silver is an excellent choice because it is both durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, belt buckles, body jewellery, and so on. However, keep in mind that silver jewellery is softer than gold, platinum, and titanium, and it is more likely to tarnish if not properly cared for. Sterling silver plated with rhodium is durable, non-tarnishing, and has the same rhodium finish as white gold!


999 silver jewelry is the closest thing to pure silver you'll find. It's called.999 silver because it contains 99.9% pure silver! This is the highest quality silver that can be purchased. Sterling silver is the most common type of silver sold for jewellery and is 92.5 percent pure. Sterling silver is alloyed with 7.5 percent copper for strength and durability, and it has the colour and working qualities that we are all accustomed to. 


Do you love to shop?

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Everybody loves to receive gifts of jewellery on a special occasion. We all love to shop for jewellery as they’re timeless gifts for both women and men. Giving jewellery implies giving someone something that makes them feel beautiful, valuable, and wanted. Jewels, even if given as platonic gifts, awaken one's identity and make them happy when worn.


I make all my jewellery from precious metals such as silver and gold. Every piece is tested and hallmarked by the Goldsmiths Assay Office in London and all pendants are supplied with silver chains. Please view my collection in my gallery to explore the collection of pendants, rings and bespoke pieces of jewellery. Some pieces incorporate cubic zirconia, silver cubic zirconia,    rose gold tone along with the silver. All necklaces are available for sale, if not, it will be made clear I am out of stock. Please enjoy and shop to your heart's content on my website.



Each necklace comes with a chain and a pendant. My necklaces come in a variety of different designs for you to choose from. You can view my necklaces by using the quick view when you hover your mouse over each picture. If an item is on sale, it will be shown.


A few of the pieces of jewellery I have in my pendant necklace selection are:

Feather With Gem - A hand-sculpted silver feather. If you'd like a gem that I don't have listed, such as diamond or ruby, get in touch and I'll see what I can do. A top favourite for gifts.

Little Feather - A delicately sculpted hand-painted feather with a patinated finish.

Narrow Wave - A lovely little silver wave. Another top item given as gifts.

Little Wavy Drip - A small with a wave pattern and a paint drip termination on the bottom.

Future Deco - Inspired by my time in the space industry, I created a minimalist, precise design.

Future Deco Wave - A flowing silver centrepiece, balancing nature's technique with industry's style.

Framed Deco Wave - A flowing wave pattern in a clean, bright frame. J. Wells Jewels uses a technique that is unique to me in order to create this pattern.

Little Future Deco - A small, future deco design that is fantastic when looking for gifts.

Natural Future Deco - A natural edge to a minimalist design. Always a go-to when looking for gifts.

Wood Grain - A silver pendant with a natural texture created by combining Metal, Fire, and Wood. The process of making these results in random patterns and forms, so you never know what you're going to get. Before it is released, each piece must still pass the scrutiny of my quality control.

Chrome Diopside Wave - A lovely silver pendant with a bright Chrome Diopside set in the center. This piece is one-of-a-kind; once sold, I will make another, but the next will not be identical due to the technique I used to create it.

Garnet Wave - A  flowing wave texture and gem.

Split Frame Wave - A framed flowing silver wave textured pattern.

Wave - A sizable silver pendant with a flowing wave texture. Another great idea to save time when looking for gifts for both men and women.


Each silver pendant necklace comes with a chain. I am happy to help with all your jewellery enquiries. You are able to commission pieces such as a heart tag pendant or other personalised designs. Please let me know if you would like the piece made from gold rather than silver. All jewellery is presented as gifts for your convenience, there’s no need to bring boxes for necklaces and rings.


Did you know that wearing rings on the ring finger dates back to Ancient Egypt, when it was thought that a vein called the vena amoris (meaning "vein of love" in Latin) traveled directly from the tip of that finger to the heart? Whether made from silver, gold or platinum, rings are worn for personal reasons and make excellent gifts for loved ones. More men are wearing rings to commemorate key events other than weddings and pledges. Anniversary, birthdays, and commemorative events are just a few of the numerous occasions that men remember by wearing rings on their fingers. It's not just watches men want these days. Receiving jewellery is a personal affair and I'm more than happy to help create a personalised ring for you.


Because I size each ring before sending it out, it is critical that the length be correct. Purchasing a ring sizer is the best option. The adjustable plastic ones are fine, but the 'jailers keys' style is preferable. When sizing your finger, remember the phrase "slide on, walk off." This will result in a more comfortable fit.


Square Cut Rings - A silver ring in the style of Future Deco.

Marquise Signet Rings - A small, silver signet ring with an elegant shape.

Thick Hammered Rings - A simple silver ring with a hammered texture.

Thin Hammered Rinsg - A thinner, silver ring with a natural, hammered texture.

Square 2 Round Rings - A smooth transition from a round to a square form is achieved with this discreet, comfortable ring.


If there is a ring you would prefer to be made from gold rather than silver, please let me know by getting in touch.